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Project Description

Grande Tour di Volterra

The tour starts from the Baratti bay. The trail climbs to the top of the Promontorio than goes down to the Fosso alle Canne with a technical single track. From there it’s going back up to the “Passeggiata Botanica” where there are nice panoramas over the Elba, Capraia and Corsica Island. The “Passeggiata” ends at Cala Moresca. Little rest at a nice bar, than back up again following the “Via del Promontorio” to get back to the starting point. As the trail reaches the Monastero di San Quirico starts another single track that goes down to Cala San Quirico to reach the famous “Buca delle Fate”. From there following a trail going around the Acropoli di Populonia the tour ends at the starting point.

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